Day Ten, Creation Ten


Well, here I am, I finally made it to day ten! There was a slight delay in posting this one- my birthday got in the way, but now I am back on track. Birthday celebrations aside, learning these new tangles took some time and practice. I tend to practice in my journal so I don’t waste tiles. Perhaps I will begin posting more journal entries, but one thing at a time right? I am just glad I have so far committed  to posting about my One Zentangle A Day Challenge.

So here it is my little creation. This tile features three brand new tangles called “Flukes”, “Finery” and “Echoism”. Echoism is the tangle that is has a flowy (yes -it’s a word, or at least it is now) figure eight look to it. Flukes features a repetitive diamond pattern and Finery reflects a leaf-like appearance. Together they make for an interesting tile. Hope you “like”

Denielle Noe