Day Thirty Four, Creation Thirty Four


Well this is getting exciting! I am now on my second Zendala and by far the easiest one I have created to date. This creation features only one tangle called “Flukes”. You heard me right, this tile was created only using one tangle! Is that awesome or what?

If you wander backwards to my last post, you will see these two tiles use a very similar Zendala template. The previous Zendala has a more organic curvey feel to the template, whereas this Zendala template has a very geometric jagged look to it.

Knowing this, I wanted to use a geometric style tangle. After searching through my tangle pattern arsenal, I landed on using Flukes for the outside of the template. I then mimicked the Flukes tangle in the inner section.  I loved the look of just using Flukes so much, I decided to quite right then and there. I think leaving the white negative areas really makes this tile stand out.

This is the second Zendala I have made to date and I am starting to see a trend here. We will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Until next post…


Day Twelve, Creation Twelve

PhotoBalance and harmony was today’s theme. What a perfect thought. We all could use some of that in our lives- right? Balancing our finances, our households and relationships. Bringing harmony to our emotions, marriage and work-life. These things are not only important to our very existence, but it is also important in creating art.

Day twelve asked me to look at all the patterns I learned and try to see similarities between the different tangles and combine them to make a balanced Zentangle tile. I approached this tile a little differently by starting with circles as my strings in a symmetrical arrangement. I decided I would fully play with tangles that were very similar and have the gradually blend into each other. In one circle I used Flukes and Florz and in another I used Knightsbridge and a new tangle called Beeline. In the largest circle shape I combined newly learned tangles Chillon and Bales.

I am not sure if I achieved a perfectly balanced tile, but I did feel at peace while created it. What more could I ask for?

Denielle Noe

Day Ten, Creation Ten


Well, here I am, I finally made it to day ten! There was a slight delay in posting this one- my birthday got in the way, but now I am back on track. Birthday celebrations aside, learning these new tangles took some time and practice. I tend to practice in my journal so I don’t waste tiles. Perhaps I will begin posting more journal entries, but one thing at a time right? I am just glad I have so far committed  to posting about my One Zentangle A Day Challenge.

So here it is my little creation. This tile features three brand new tangles called “Flukes”, “Finery” and “Echoism”. Echoism is the tangle that is has a flowy (yes -it’s a word, or at least it is now) figure eight look to it. Flukes features a repetitive diamond pattern and Finery reflects a leaf-like appearance. Together they make for an interesting tile. Hope you “like”

Denielle Noe