New Looms & New Book


Hey! What’s this? More looms? How many kinds can there be?

Well, I found myself once again in the yarn aisle at one of my favorite craft stores and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a little round loom for me to make more projects with this year!

This little guy was the last one left in the store for the Knifty Knitter series looms. For all of you loom knitters out there, I was sadden to hear that this company was sold to Boye who is not producing the same quality looms that Knifty Knitter was known for. Oh well. At least I have this one. Mine! I tell you! Mine!

The real reason I went to the store was to purchase this awesome loom knitting book-

This book has so many patterns and tutorials that I can’t wait to dive in and start making something. Like I alluded to in my previous post I think it’s time to make a hat and scarf set for me.

Hopefully the next post I will unveil my little creation.

Until next time…


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