A Scarf and Hat set for little 'o me


Look what a couple of weeks of dedicated loom knitting can produce! Viola! A hat and scarf set for little o’ me! Hooray!

Up until now, I absolutely hated switching back and forth between colors. Even when I was avidly crocheting. It boils down to one thing – weaving in ends. I loathe weaving in ends!

Thanks to my nifty new loom knitting book, I was shown and easy way to carry and hide different colorways between rows. No snipping, no ends to weave in. YES!

Both of these projects whipped up pretty quickly considering I still have my nine-to-five job and other art related projects I work on.

Now that I have built confidence in creating this set, I think I will move onto another project. Now I just need to decide what that will be?

Until next post…

Editors Note: This entry was transferred from a dead blog site to this new WordPress site -no one ever visited the old one 😦   So here is to new beginnings…


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