Forgotten Flashback: I want to ride my bicycle #art #ink #biking

ArtJournal042This post could be considered very timely. According to our weather forecast here in the midwest this upcoming week is supposed to be gloriously in the 60’s all week. What a perfect time to talk about bicycling!

Besides being passionate about my art, my knitting and fiber spinning obsession, I am also an avid cyclist! As a part of this obsession, every now and then I feel the urge to upgrade my bicycle. After all, my old bicycle was in need of major repairs due to all the abuse I put it through.

So in February of last year my husband and I made our way to a local bicycle shop to check out what awesome bikes were currently out there. We test rode many but ultimately ended up with hybrid Bicycles from Giant. My particular model was the Liv Alight which is specifically designed for women; a feature that is a must on my shopping checklist.

Anyway, after purchasing our shiny new bikes, with hooked them up onto our car and brought them to their new home. Ahh -that new bike smell cannot be beat! Suffice to say we were very happy with our selections and have since then enjoyed many bike rides on the trails and roads. They also made their debut ride in last year’s Bike MS event appropriately titled “Tour de Farms” since the event takes place in the middle of farmland in good ol’ Illinois.

Now with spring really almost around the corner, I cannot wait to take our awesome bikes out for a spin once more.

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  1. I love your shiny new bike too! And .. am the proudest Mom and proudest Mother-In-Law to Chris as you both for riding each year in the MS bike fundraiser. Riding for me and others (with both of your shiny new bikes) … appreciate your love and support!! Do I need to say it once again?? You betcha … what another amazing piece Denielle!

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