Forgotten Flashback: Blizzards are fun! Not… #art #ink #snow

ArtJournal041Who doesn’t love never ending snow? In yet another lovely day in the beginning of February last year we experienced yet again another blizzard. What fun! Not…

This time around, instead of focusing on how much I loathe the cold wet stuff, I decided to focus on the positives that snowfall brings. Imagine that?

Curling up under the blankets. Cuddling up close to a warm fire. Snuggling on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa. The theme here? Lots of lazy time inside. 🙂

Plus two days of blizzard like conditions gave me plenty of time to catch up in my art journal. Thus this entry was born!

So even though this March is proving to be very unpredictable (will spring ever get here?), just remember that snow reminds us there is more to the cold if we can turn our thoughts towards the positive and remember the good times it can bring.

Until next post… and hopefully warmer weather…


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  1. Focusing on the positives … what each and every one of us should do in good times, bad times and all the ups and down in life. Thanks Denielle for grounding everyone!! Great piece

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