New iPad Mini Cover and Placemat project update

Hello knitters,

I  took a little break from my spinning project to re-focus my attention on some knitting! Since my last knit post, I was working on creating these lovely round Summertime place mats. Unfortunately, due to a rough start ( I had started and ripped out the first place mat at least five times before I met success). Slightly disheartened, I put aside my place mat project in favor of a cool little iPad case cover I needed to make.

To explain, I had recently purchased a new keyboard case for my beloved iPad mini. However, even though the case is rock solid sturdy, it is lack luster in appearance. The color black is slimming but is really unnecessary for an already slim iPad. So in order to protect my new investment and dress it up a little, I decided to create my very own case cover and pattern for the little guy!

I call the pattern ‘2×2 iPad Mini Case Cover’ since I used 2×2 ribbing pattern throughout. I went with the same pretty pink and grey self striping yarn I used in the last shawl project. Like a broken record, I promise to one day post my pattern, but  I not at the point of having the time to write it yet – please bear with me.

Anyway, I wanted to show-off my new little cover and was very pleased with the results. I even created a small pocket on the inside to hold a micro-fiber clean cloth! As a final touch, I secured the enclosure with an adorable heart-shaped button to forever label this case as being very “girly”.  Here, take a look at the completed project:

I love my little new case and I use it every day. It’s nice knowing that I can throw my iPad in my work bag now and not worry about it getting damaged as it bounces around inside – the cover adds a nice extra fluffy layer of protection.

Now that I started and finished my iPad Mini Cover, I have reluctantly turned my attention back to my Summertime place mat project, which is ironic,summer will probably be over before I finish them. Oh well…

Here is the start of the second Summertime place mat:

I will hopefully make some headway over the weekend and promise to post another update soon.

Until next time knitters!



  1. I really like your cover!

    1. deniellenoe says:

      Thank you so much!

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