What is your favorite quote or saying that sparks your creativity?

Okay guys, you caught me. I am a born slacker. I haven’t done any drawing in a couple of weeks. There, I said it. What a relief!

I have been putting off creating and posting the last day of my self-imposed “One Zentangle a Day” book challenge. It’s not like the last day’s challenge is super difficult. It just that I keep finding reasons not draw – period. Stress and money troubles have a way to zap my creative juices right out of my body. Of course, Procrastination is my favorite activity too.

I have decided as of today to put my recent problems aside and focus on what makes me happy. Instead of being stressed out and feeling like I am losing control, I am going to take all that wasted energy and put it towards being creative.

Creativity can come in many forms. Currently, I have been doing a lot of knitting, but I feel guilty when I don’t draw or write anything in my journal. I realize now that I have been missing out on the simple joy of observing the world around me and capturing it on paper. It could be a quote, a doodle or practicing a new technique. In other words, I miss drawing.

So I need to find a better balance between my two passions by dedicating a little time to both. Instead of knitting the entire evening away, I should take at least take 15 minutes to draw in my journal or create a little Zentangle tile. I realize it doesn’t have to be every day, but I should aim to draw something a couple of days during the week.

So what do you do when you feel that you can’t draw anything? For me, finding and doodling a favorite quote or saying is just what I need to start drawing again. So here is my quick 15 minute drawing for today based on my own variation of a quote I saw on the web:


So what about you? What is your favorite quote or saying that sparks your creativity?  Please comment and share your favorite passage either by typing or  posting a link. I would love to see what motivates you to get creative!



9 thoughts on “What is your favorite quote or saying that sparks your creativity?

  1. Nice Blog!!! My favorite saying is “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!” I think it just sparks some creativity in my head. I don’t know why exactly, by it just does! Nice Blog!

    1. I know most of us have heard this quote before, but it still serves as a reminder that life does not always goes as planned but we should always strive to make the best of it! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. Love the quote you found on the web! Your challenges then were in the past and you did survive. Challenges nowadays are just that … challenges. I know you will glide through all of them. There are no rights or wrongs when you are the one choosing. Don’t be so hard on you instead just focus on your happiness. Should you have failed in some way, then it is “meant to be”. That’s why we are given the chance to do a self evaluation and make another choice. Yes, we are still growing up no matter how old we are and we are survivors. We become smarter and wiser too. The quote that gets my creative groove on is …. “Dream Until Your Dreams Come True”

  3. My life “motto” from a creative gentle genius, Brian Andrews of “Story People” :” Is willing to accept that she creates her own reality, except for some of the parts where she can’t help but wonder what the hell she was thinking”. I loved it so much I got the wall sculpture and it reminds me daily to not take myself so seriously , be grateful for all the good and smile!

    1. I am a firm believer in “We are what we make of ourselves” mentality. This definitely applies to the world around us too. If we truly want to be happy, the first step is changing how we view our current situations. You can alleviate a lot of stress by changing your outlook to a happy one. 🙂

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