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Hello to any new readers of this blog! I want to avoid any confusion for any visitors of my site with posts that are suddenly magically appearing from a couple of years ago. I actually started a knitting blog in August of 2011 using another service. The service was geared toward building websites with some blogging features. There was no blogging community to support my blog and no one could find me. For a knitting blog, I was okay with that. The entries I posted acted as more of a personal journal for me anyway.

However, after I started a second blog to talk about my art and my new love affair with an art-form called Zentangle, I decided that having zero visitors for an art site was just NOT COOL. Someone suggested that I try WordPress because the blogging community here is so much bigger and very supportive of new bloggers. So I pulled the plug on my old art site and transferred it over to WordPress. This was relatively painless since I only had about three posts to transfer at that time. After couple of new posts under my art blog, I suddenly had followers, comments and likes- oh my! I freak’in love WordPress!

For more than a year, I competely ignored transferring my knitting blog but still continued to track my progress at the completely dead site. Well, this has been one of the most brutal winters in history so I decided it was time to transfer my old knitting blog to WordPress too. This is a win-win situation for me, using WordPress for both sites will now be so much easier with both blogs under one roof. I am currently in the process of slowly manually transferring my old blog posts to my brand spanking new wordpress site.

I have somewhere around 30-40 posts to transfer that includes re-saving and linking to photos. No one built Rome overnight- right? So to make a long-story short (too late), over the next couple of weeks you will see all my original posts begin to appear in all their glory. Do I expect anyone to pour through all my old entries? Hell no. This is a completely selfish endeavor that makes me happy to have everything together so I can look back through my own knitting journey and know that not a single word was wasted.

I look forward to posting some new knitting entries soon. In the meantime, time to go back and start uploading all the photos I re-saved from the old blog…


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    Good for you… Very nice

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