Flashback Friday: July 31, 2012

Okay folks, it’s cold snowy and just plain dreary out there! I thought I would perk myself up by posting a journal entry from over the summer of 2012.


I remember I was pretty hell bent on keeping up with my husband as he trained for his first sprint triathlon. I was not in awesome shape at the time and was particular not very good at running. I usually limited my running excursions for chasing down buses on rare occasions. My husband really motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and start running.

This journal entry documented the improvement I gained as my running times slowly descended into the 13 minute mile mark. For me this was an huge achievement!  What really struck me about this journal entry was that it re-enforced my commitment to improve my running time and my belief that I will succeed if I put the effort in.

I learned to love and embrace what running does for me and look forward to running the neighborhood and trails again once the weather gets warmer.

So in the spirit of the upcoming winter Olympics, I dedicate this post to all those would-be couch potatoes and encourage you to give it your all this upcoming summer, find something new to do and aspire to try to get out of your own comfort zone.