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Back in June, my husband and I embarked on an ambitious plan to go where no man has gone before. Oh, wait, that’s Star Trek… Let me start again, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… a party was about to be thrown at our apartment!

What better theme to have for a party than a Star Wars themed party? Especially in the month of October where dressing up is the norm.

To say we love Star Wars is an understatement, but on could we pull off such a cool party on a limited budget? Make everything yourself of coarse!

Our plan was simple, used as many things that we already possessed and use our creative talents to develop all the decorations, food menu, games and more to have a party that everyone could enjoy.

Nowadays, the Internet is a great source to find inspiration. However, the library still remains a great place to gather all the tools you need to succeed at a party. The library supplied us with a Star Wars cookbook that laid the foundation to our party. It gave us ideas on how to develop a themed food menu to delight and surprise our guests.

Here was our 8 step plan to get this party started!

8 Step Party Planning Checklist

1. The Party Budget:

2.The Plot (People, Location, Time)

People: Make List of Who We Invite
Location: Our House
Time: 4:00 (Oct 5th)

3.The Themes: Star Wars Costume Party

4.The Invitations
Online through “evite”

5. The Decorations:

Food Tent Cards
Character Food Scenes

6. Activities:

Star Wars Trivia
Pass Exploding DeathStar (aka Hot Potato)
Movie Screening room – an option for guests to view the original Star Wars movies at set times

7.Food and Drinks:

Star Wars Wookie Cookbook and online recipes……
main dishes
side dishes
normal drinks
alcohol – BYOB

8. The Music:

Star Wars and Spaced themed Soundtracks On Shuffle All night,


Food Table
Black and Green streamers coming from the fan down to the table. Black plastic table clothe, black cups, black utensils, black dessert plates, black paper plates Black bowls for salsa & chips, Silver and Green Balloons

Beverage Area
Large Poster sign announcing Beverage area

Around the Kitchen Island:
Sign above area announcing Food Area

Fireplace Area
Vader’s face cutout in black poster board with red tissue paper behind and light place in fireplace, “The Darkside” hanging letter banner

Dessert Area
Large Poster sign announcing Dessert area “Outta this world Desserts”
Entertainment Center: Features games, movies books that are Star Wars related. Screensaver of Star wars images, Star War Music Playlist

Patio Doors
Stormtroopers cut out squares with “Stormtrooper INVASION” letters surrounding them

Front Door Area
Black Wreath with  Stormtrooper Mask and Words “the Noes’, Large White Stormtrooper Pumpkin

Over the Couch:
Welcome to Noe’s Star Wars Party Large Sign – “We Want You” Darth Vader Poster
Printing and Design

8×10 Signs:
2 Bathroom Door (Into the chute flyboy!)

8.5″x14″ Signs:
Movie showing times

Poster board Signs:
Dessert Area
Beverage Area
Food Area
Welcome Sign

Themed Food

The themed food was the biggest highlight of our party. Inspired by the Star Wars Cookbook, we decided it would be awesome to have actual Star War characters surround our food. After digging in the attic, my husband found his beloved Star Wars action figures and we were off!

First we developed a food menu around the characters we actually had. Since we only had a few, we decided put each character wtih the scene inspired by films that spoke to the dish we were making or the character that was used. Each character was accompanied by a custom home-made tent card that listed each dish. Below is the list of characters, dish and scene that was created:

Dish: Wookie Cookies
Served On: Platter
Characters Used: Chewbacca
Backdrop: MILLENIUM 

Dish: Bounty Hunter Brownies
Served On: two tier platter
Characters Used: Bobba Fett and Bossk

Dish: Cantina Chili
Served On: crockpot
Characters Used: Hammer Head, Obi Wan, Luke
Backdrop: BAR

Dish: Tuscan Rader Taters
Served On: bowl (white ceramic)
Characters Used: Tuscan Rader

Dish: Jabba Jello
Served On:  Jello ring dish
Characters Used: Jabba & Han

Dish: Darkside Salsa (with dark chips)
Served On: chip and dip set
Characters Used: Black Luke with Emperor Lighting image

Dish: Lando’s Cloud Puffs (cheese puffs)
Served On: small ceramic bowl
Characters Used: Lando
Backdrop: CLOUD CITY

Dish: Stormtrooper Cheesehead
Served On: larger platter ceramic
Characters Used: Stormtrooper

Dish: Tie Fighter Fries (potato chip fries)
Served On: triple level tier (2 with fries) (1 with display)
Characters Used: Darth Vader

Dish: Yoda Soda
Served On: punchbowl
Characters Used: Yoda

Dish: Ewok Eats (small candy)
Served On: small dish
Characters Used: Ewok
Backdrop: Endor

All in all, this was one party that was outta this world! We had a blast making this party happen and most importantly our guests had a great time!

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