Introducing a “New” Corner

Craft Corner

As promised, I am introducing a brand-new corner! Introducing my new “Craft Corner”!

I decided during my recent absence from blogging that I should not just limit my blog to posting traditional art only. Creativity comes in many forms and can fill up the space of my days equal to creating any art.

During my absence, I created home-made party decorations and have been knitting like crazy! These activities take the same amount of creative energy as I would going about creating a drawing or Zentangle tile. Knitting is considered to be a fiber art form and crafting falls into a less traditional art. So I decided to take one area of my blog to dedicate space to these styles of art.

In this corner you will find all non-traditional art from fiber art included knitted projects to creative projects like home-made decorations, creative crafting projects and more!

I look forward to filling up this new area with future projects, but in the meantime go ahead and check out my gallery of past projects.

Til’ next post….


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