Day Nineteen, Creation Nineteen

Squares, diamonds and triangles- oh my! Geometric grid patterns was the theme for today’s tangled tile. As a child I always loved working with basic shapes. Later in life in college, I had a knack for breaking down complex imagery to basic shapes and patterns to create an abstract version of a drawing. I remember I had to do this as a part of an assignment and loved the result of decomposing a picture to the most simplest of structures. It definitely helped me “see” as an artist sees the world around them. As an artist, more often than not, the world is not as complex as we might see it at first but just need to change how we view it.

For this tile, I decided I would compliment these patterns by using layered square shapes as my string and filled each square with the recommended tangles for this day.  I really liked using the tangle called “Rain” which is the pattern that sits outside of the square strings that has triangles along a single line. The other new two tangles I learned relied on using a grid-style method and well-place shading to give each area dimension. The pattern that has a recessed diamond pattern is called “Cubine” and the blocky diamond tangle that seems to come forward off the tile is called “Beeline”.  To finish the tile, I also decided to bring back two other favorite tangles- Knightsbridge and Florz.

Overall, I loved working on this tile and was a nice reprieve from Day Eighteen which I struggled through.





  1. Sam Neely says:

    I love ur pic!!!!:D

  2. wayne says:

    This is one of my favorites! I love how the design and shapes create dimension and multiple levels.

    1. deniellenoe says:

      This is one of my favorites too. It really brought me back to when I first start creating art in elementary school. One of the projects that was taught involved creating a picture using only squares and circles. I am truly grateful for my early exposure to art. Not many elementary students today even have art as a part of their curriculum- such a shame. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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