Day Sixteen, Creation Sixteen

Organic patterns and colors combine- oh my! I took a little break from posting, but now I am back and ready to share my latest creation.

After all these days I finally had a chance to play with color! Not just any color, but I was able to incorporate my new Derwent Intense pencils in this tile. If you haven’t heard about these awesome pencils, let me be the first to tell you that Derwent makes some of the best art materials around and these pencils are no exception!

Intense pencils are water-soluble ink which is very similar to watercolor pencils. What really makes these different from watercolor pencils is that lay down a very vibrant color that becomes even more alive when water is applied. Another difference is that unlike watercolor pencils the color is permanent after the color dries. The unique nature of these pencils allows you to layer color upon color letting you work with your color choices in a different way.

In this tile, I played with my Inktense pencils by combining three colors together to make a soft but colorful background for my tangle patterns. After the tile fully dried, I then added my string to guide my patterns around the tile. Finally, I began filling each area with my the suggested patterns for this day. I learned three new patterns for this creation, “Pepper” which are the zebra-like orbs, “Ynix” which is a leaf type pattern, and “Squid” which graceful tentacles curve around the tile.

Overall, I love how this tile came out and really enjoyed exploring color for the first time. Despite my earlier gushing over my Derwent pencils, I really do not have a lot of experience in working with color. Good thing for me, that these small little art tiles allow me to explore color without feeling overwhelmed or committed to some large art project that I could mess up.

As always, thanks for reading this post and I hope you “like” my creation.

Until next time…

Denielle Noe




  1. wayne says:

    Love the colors!

    1. deniellenoe says:

      Thanks for the compliment Wayne! It means a lot since I am still new to the whole color thing…

  2. Anne Ugartechea says:

    That is the adventure of the Zentangle, I’ve been at it for a few months and am amazed at what pops up! First time I don’t feel like I’m going to fail. Using Beckah Krahula’s “One Zentangle a Day” has been a big help, not with just the Zentangle, but shading, depth etc. All those things taught in high school that never really registered! I find myself in traffic jams, tangling on index the local rice parlor waiting for takeout and tangling. It is addictive and becoming more a part of my journal. Best to you, Anne

    1. deniellenoe says:

      Thanks for the wishes Anne! I knew I was in trouble ever since my huband gave me my first Zentangle book for my birthday two years ago. I haven’t stop tangling since. You are so right! It can be very addicative. But the rewards of tangling are so great that it far surpasses any meditation I have tried. Good luck to you in your own tangling adventures. Take care 🙂

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