Success! Green Shawl is done!

imageHey everybody! Exciting news (at least for me). After nearly one year and some very slow knitting, I have finally finished my lovely green shawl! Several posts ago, I mentioned that I pulled this project out of deep hibernation and finally put myself to the task of finishing this little green monster.

I think I also eluded previously that this shawl pattern normally zooms right by, but I think this type of yarn was making it more difficult for me to add a lace border.

Despite all the frogging and re-knitting I did on this shawl, I absolutely love the results! It light enough for spring-like weather, but warm enough to ward off the seemingly never-ending winter chill. Here is some photos of me wearing my shawl in honor of St. Patrick’s Day yesterday:

In case you want to try this shawl for yourself, here is a video of the basic pattern without the border:

Thank you for everyone that encouraged me to finish this. Now it’s time to finish up those springtime placemats!

Stay tuned…


Some Quick Updates

Sorry for the long delay in posting again. I have been just super busy knitting the days away! Since my last post, I have started and finished two more custom orders. Can anyone say “Basic Black Cowl”?


You guessed it! Another order for a basic black cowl. Who would have thought that this would have been so popular? Then again, it’s been such a brutal winter that everyone is struggling just to stay warm.

Speaking of which, as I mentioned in my last post, when I wore my lovely blue arm-knitted infinity scarf, a fellow coworker saw it and asked me if I could make her one. So here it is in all its glory:


In other fronts, my green shawl border is crawling towards the finish line. I have just one more side to go and I will be done! Here is a sneak peek at my progress:


In other news, I was gently guided by hints from home that we could use some freshening up around the house with some new placemats. So I worked out a super easy pattern on my own and started knitting away with some cotton yarn I had lying around:


I now have one completed and second one on its way. I have decided to call my pattern Springtime placemats and will hopefully have a written pattern worked out soon. For now, it’s all in my head. I think that is a good thing – right?

Last but not least, I have waited close to month for some new Dreamz knitting needles to come in to my local yarn shop. To explain, I have completely fell in love with the needle brand Knitter’s Pride Dreamz knitting needles! I have been currently working on my placemats with a size US 8 and was excited to order another set. I had set aside a spring lace scarf pattern that I am dying to use these new needles with. I am very happy to report that they came in yesterday! I rushed right over last night to pick up my new Knitter’s Pride needles. With my new set of needles, I picked up my first hank of premium yarn! It is a gorgeous washable sport-weight merino wool from Lorna’s Laces call “Passion”.


These are supposed be “ the” colors of the season so I am super excited to be working this scarf pattern soon. But first, thing’s first- I must get that shawl done…

That’s all I got for now!

Until next post 🙂

A quick break from lace knitting…

imageFor some reason, over the weekend I decided to take a little break from my knitted lace border I am applying to my green shawl to cruise around YouTube looking for some knitting techniques. I stumbled across a couple of videos on arm knitting. I have seen and heard about arm knitting before, but I never took the time to try it. After I watched a couple of videos, I decide to come up with my own arm knitting technique since I am now a continental style knitter and I didn’t care the technique I saw. After a few rounds of practicing with a knitting style that what was comfortable to me, I was off creating my very first arm-knitted infinity scarf! In under 30 minutes I completed this little blue wonder. I even wore it to work yesterday and received many compliments. So much in fact that I was asked to create one for a fellow co-worker.

Once I have some time, I will create and post a video on what my technique is. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my cheesy photo…