A quick break from lace knitting…

imageFor some reason, over the weekend I decided to take a little break from my knitted lace border I am applying to my green shawl to cruise around YouTube looking for some knitting techniques. I stumbled across a couple of videos on arm knitting. I have seen and heard about arm knitting before, but I never took the time to try it. After I watched a couple of videos, I decide to come up with my own arm knitting technique since I am now a continental style knitter and I didn’t care the technique I saw. After a few rounds of practicing with a knitting style that what was comfortable to me, I was off creating my very first arm-knitted infinity scarf! In under 30 minutes I completed this little blue wonder. I even wore it to work yesterday and received many compliments. So much in fact that I was asked to create one for a fellow co-worker.

Once I have some time, I will create and post a video on what my technique is. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my cheesy photo…





One thought on “A quick break from lace knitting…

  1. Love how you let nothing stand in your way. Your creativity and determination is admired. Love the scarf and the color as well. By the way … there’s nothing cheesy about you at all … you’re a true beauty inside and out : )

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