Forgotten Flashback: Goodby Little Sweetie Bird #art #mixedmedia #losingapet

What a sad day this was indeed. I can never fully express that sadness one feels when losing a pet. For some reason, losing our little canary was one of the hardest losses to bare.

Last winter was already bleak when we discovered that morning our little bird had passed away. For only a short day our little guy had stopped singing suddenly and began to look very sick. That same evening we discussed taking him in to be seen in the morning, but alas that was not meant to be.

In the dark hours of morning our little guy laid his head down with no more songs to sing. We spent most of the day saying good-by to our little Sweetie bird in the only way we knew how – by sharing photos and memories of our beloved pet. Here is my tribute to a pet who brought us so much music and joy:


RIP 01/28/2015



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  1. Awww .. : (

    I remember the day when you had to share the news with me. My heart broke for you and Chris. Today I feel the same .. I’m saddened for I guess the memory is still etched inside me too. What a beautiful Tribute!! All my love always

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