Forgotten Flashback: Jan 9th 2015 #art #dnartcorner

ArtJournal037This is not a post I take lightly. Some days just plain suck. Unfortunately this was one of them. For a while now, I have had on and off health issues with my heart. In January of last year I woke up with pains in my chest. Rather than take a risk and stay home to wait it out, we made the decision to take me to a nearby hospital to rule out a possible heart attack.

As scary as the pains were, I stayed calm and went through most of the night undergoing tests as my husband stayed by my side. Luckily, after many hours, the chest pains were not a heart attack but early stages of flu. Suffice to say I was very relieved and even grateful that it was just the flu.

I could have chosen not to record this night in my journal, but on upon further reflection, it served as a reminder that our lives are so very precious. It can be over before you know it. It also serves as a reminder that not just men, but women too can have a heart attack and any symptoms should be taken seriously.

So my advice to anyone reading this is that it is better to go in and get checked out to find out nothing is wrong rather than discover how very wrong you can be. It may just save your life one day.

Take care out there…



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  1. I was just talking about that particular night recently with a friend. As your Mom, I would give my own heart and breath for you and hope you know that. I was relieved that you chose to go in the worst ice storm, night driving to the hospital and even more relieved that it was the flu. Thanks for sharing baby girl .. all my love!!!

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