Bonus Flashback Friday: St. Joseph, October 5th 2014

Earlier this evening I posted a journal entry that remembered our concert with Warpaint which was part 2 of a wonderful day my husband spent together as we traveled back from our trip in Michigan. As we made our way home from our annual ‘fall color tour’ of Michigan, this year we unexpectedly stopped in the quaint lakeside town of St. Joseph for lunch. We were pleasantly surprised to discover how absolutely gorgeous this town is as it is nestled on top of Lake Michigan.

On this particular day we were experiencing a small Indian summer with temperatures near 70 degrees. It was just warm enough for us to explore the quiet streets of St. Joseph and all the lovely shops that lined the street. It was very picturesque as couples walked down the avenue arm-in-arm as maple leaves slowly dropped from passing trees. The sunlight glistened ever so gently through the afternoon air.

We ending up walking past all of the shops down to the pier that lead out to the lake. The lake was so beautiful in the setting sun as seagulls gently floated upon the breeze. This sketch (while not one of my best) captures the mood I felt that day.

ArtJournal 21

Until next post…