Flashback Friday: September 13th 2014

Ah…. September 13th. What a lovely day this was last year. The weather was that beautiful kind of warm that you just wanted to bask in. It was also the perfect kind of day to experience a wedding.
This entry pays homage to one of the most sacred events that a man and women can take together. The day they say “I do”. This was the much anticipated wedding day of our cousin Beth and now husband Mark.

The location of their wedding was the secluded beach front area in Zion, Illinois with a glorious view of Lake Michigan. Surrounded by family and friends we watched as they exchanged vows and professed their love to the world.

This was one day that contained very special moments and was filled with heart warming memories. I for one was very glad to be witnessed to the beginning of their journey together. Even now as I write this, our dear cousins are now expecting their first baby boy. I am so happy for them both and wish them the best of luck as the move forward onto the next stage in the path of life…