Forgotten Flashbacks: August 31, 2014

Sorry Dear Readers,

My bad, I totally forgot to post my Flashback Fridays these past two weeks! Like most people, life at times can be very hectic and get in the way of our dreams and goals no matter what our intentions.

Well to get back on track, I decided to create a new section to my Journal Corner called “Forgotten Flashbacks”. Since I am trying to post my entries weekly, at times, like during these past two Fridays, I may not be able to post them or just plain forget to. Instead of forgetting them and moving on, I will post any forgotten entries in this new section.

So without further ado, here is my forgotten entry from August 31st.

ArtJournal 15

This entry depicts my day at Great America at the end of August. In the land of Illinois, going to Great America can be a really fun thing to do. If you have not heard of Great America, it is a really big amusement park located in Gurnee. In August last year, my husband Chris and I decided it was time to get Season passes that would last all the way until this October. Our only downfall was picking the busiest day of the year to visit the park. Lots of people = less fun 😦

Despite the super crowds, we obtained our season passes and managed to ride several classic roller coasters and other thrilling rides. I remember the day was warm but had a beautiful breeze as the sun began to set. I hope you enjoy my little illustration of this memorable day.

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