FlashBack Friday Kick-off Week! August 11, 2014

ArtJournal 11So this week comes to a close not with a bang, but on a sad note. During this time last year we were all sadden by the news of the death of Robin Williams. I try not to focus on what brought him to his end, but rather all the wonderful things he left us. For many years while sick at home from school he brought me away from my woes with his hilarious portrayal as Mork from the “Mork and Mindy” show.

While I laughed away my teen and adult years with his films and appearances, it has always been his more poignant roles that struck me the most. I was particularly fond of the film “Dead Poets Society” where he played inspiring English teacher, Mr. John Keating, where he taught us all to “Seize the Day”.

It is this film and his role in it that I choose to pay tribute in my journal to a man that brought us some much laughter and inspiration.

To that I thank you Mr. Williams.