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Day Twenty Nine, Creation Twenty Nine


So I spent the past couple of weeks playing around with creating my very own tangle as I eluded to in my last post. I finally picked one of my designs, gave it a name and was already to unveil my glorious new tangle.
However, upon looking up what my next day would entail, I ran across a problem. I was about to skip over day twenty nine- egads!

In my excitment to get to day thirty which is to create my very own tangle, I didn`t realize that I skipped over a page in my One Zentangle a Day book, day twenty nine. Of course I couldn`t skip a day, now could I?

I was tempted, but I didn`t…

Anyway, without much further delay, I present day twenty nine! At first, I wasn`t very excited about this days task which asked my to draw a feather and combine it with Verdigough. How boring and tedious, I thought. The author of the book explained how much she loved drawing feathers and what a calming effect drawing them did for her. Well, I haven’t really ever just drawn a feather before, but I was commited at this point to give it a try.

Let me just say, I love drawing feathers now! At least for me, the author was absolutely right. Drawing feathers can be calming and even addictive! After practicing filling up my practice journal I was all set to begin this tile. I was inspired by couple of examples in the book that showed how you can to use colored gel pens on black paper to create some really interesting tiles. I searched my local art stores to find the perfect set of pens. I settled on Sakura`s Metallic Gelly Roll pens which are really awesome to work with.

I set out to draw my feather and then added Verdigough with some berries around the tile. I just love how the metallic pens seem to glow off the black paper. This is definitely one of my new favorite techniques that I will be sure to use again in the future.

Drawing feathers really gave me a chance to understand how to draw Verdigough better which up until now was my least favorite tangle. I now find myself doodling feathers when given a chance and has inspired me to expand my doodling horizons. In general, I was always at a loss to draw on a regualr basis. I was intimidated about drawing on a blank page with expensive art drawing supplies. I was in fear of making a mistake or under pressure to create awe inpiring serious art.

Through this whole One Zentangle a Day process, I have come to understand that I do not need to put myself under that kind of pressure. Not everything I draw has to be awesome. I just need to enjoy the process of drawing- period. I am drawing more than ever now and I am really enjoying the feeling. Perhaps I will get back to creating serious art, but for now I am having fun!

Try drawing a feather next time you pick up your pen and see what it can do for you too!

Until next post…



"Drawing for me is to escape one's own reality by creating another"

4 thoughts on “Day Twenty Nine, Creation Twenty Nine

  1. VERY NICE Denielle! So glad you are having fun. I have really enjoyed following your Zentangle tiles. You now have encouraged me to try my hand at drawing a feather. Looking forward to doing that. Can’t wait for your very own creation on Zentangle 30!

  2. So true. I feel like sometimes I put so much pressure on myself to make everything awesome that I sometimes miss the joy of exploration in the process. Good advice and beautiful work!

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