Flashback Friday: My childhood kitchen table circa 1992


I decide to go into the very distant past and go way, way back to 1992 where I sat as a child and decide to draw what was before me. Sitting at the table ready to draw, from my young perspective was the entire kitchen ready to be lovingly recreated on my little piece of paper .

I remember there wasn’t a particular reason why I decided to draw the entire kitchen that day. I just wanted to draw- period.

Remember when things were that simple? You just did what you wanted (with the approval from a parental unit, of coarse) and there were no getting side-tracked or caught up in worries. You just drew what ever you wanted without stress of adult responsibilities weighing you down.

Looking back at this drawing, I remember taking my time to draw every detail, I wasn’t concerned about get the perspective just right, nor did I care that my lines weren’t all that straight. I recall proudly showing my mother what I drew and her giving me a encouraging smile and hug and telling me how wonderful it was.

That’s really the heart of this memory. Not the drawing, or the time-frame in which it took. It was my mother always being there encouraging me to be what I wanted to be. In my heart of hearts I am an artist and always will be.

Thanks mom.


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  1. adrianne/mom says:

    You are so very welcome! You are an artist indeed! What memories you have brought back for me on Flashback Friday. Every parent wants to know that they passed on some of the things that are great about themselves. I love how you got the “bug” … the art bug. Love how you have followed in my footsteps and on the horizon is our Amanda … how sweet life is! You see Denielle … Mom always knows best. I knew you could be anything you wanted to be. You have grown into an amazing woman (so has your sister). Thanks for being a great daughter. Many more smiles and hugs are in store for you : )

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