A Simple Thank You


Here I am finally sitting down at the table, struggling for the words to begin with. Do I start by proclaiming on this second day January 2014 that I have renewed commitment to my art and this blog? Or do I start by explaining my long absence yet again.

Anyone who has followed me over this past year, will know that I have experienced many struggles and have lost close relatives this past year. I have come to discover that I cannot continue this new year without recognizing my recent losses and the heartfelt words of encouragement that my readers have expressed on my last post.

For new readers, on my last post, I had literally just found out that my grandmother passed away as I was creating my last art tile. This struck my little family yet another blow as I had just lost my beloved step-father Mark this past summer.

I was so touched by some of the words that came from that post I want to take this moment to truly thank those readers who took time to express their condolences and offered words of hope.

I dedicate this post to all those readers and those in my life that have helped grieve. Thank You.


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  1. adrianne/mom says:

    I love you so much my dear daughter Denielle. All of us, as the small family that we are, came together once again to help one another get through yet another passing. I miss them both so very much. I know each of them are looking down upon you, our family and myself. Art provides us the platform to express ourselves. Let your creative feelings flow. Love this piece but not as much as I love you!

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