Day Twenty Three, Creation Twenty Three


Ahh! It’s good to be back blogging again. I realized during my short absence, that I missed blogging. Blogging afforded me the ability to talk about what I was working on, what I was feeling and sometimes allowed me to vent. Now that I am trying to get back into the habit, I am coming back with renewed enthusiasm and a plucky spirit.

Today’s post was an easy light-hearted tile that ended up being a good place to restart my challenge. This little tile only features two tangles.The first one is a tangleation (variation) of “Flux” and the second tangle is called “Kathy’s Dilemma”. “Kathy’s Dilemma” is a playful new tangle I learned that contrasts nicely against the flowy look of “Flux”.

All in all, I liked creating this tile and found that I was happy to get back into the swing of things. To all those that have stuck with me during my absence, thank you very much for hanging in there! To everyone, thank you for taking the time to read and view my work! I look forward to sharing my next tile tomorrow.

Until my next post…



  1. I am happy to see you blogging again!

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