Continental Knitting Method Rocks!


Okay gang,

I am back with a second post since picking up the needles again after more than a year and sorry to report that I am more than slightly frustrated with my attempts at knitting with needles. Suffice to say it has not be going well. I should have started a new project right away when I was highly motivated after my first baby blanket made with needles, but I let loom knitting distract me- my bad.

So it occurred that maybe my old learning-to-knit with needles books just wasn’t going to cut it anymore that I really need to learn from someone. Well, it’s cold out there and I wasn’t about to gallivant around town trying to find a knitting group or teacher willing to teach me for free. My budget is a little tight after all the holiday spending that occurred…

Anyway, so here it in the beginning of February and I am in need to learn some knitting techniques. Well, welcome to the land of digital technology! I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me before, but there is a whole lot of people out there that like to make home-video tutorials and most of them can be found on YouTube. Whoo-hoo! I don’t have to leave the house- yeah for me!

Now I found a new way to be addicted to the computer LOL. While I was searching through all the different knitting tutorials trying to dissect what I have been doing wrong, I stumbled across a demonstration of continental style knitting. What an eye-opener! It mimicked the movements of crochet and seemed so much easier to learn. This style of knitting made so much sense to me! Now I had an easy ‘almost’ hands-on way to learn knitting. Missed a step? Simply back-up the video and re-watch what was missed. Don’t like the teacher? Find a new one! They won’t even know you left them. 🙂

YouTube proved to be the savior of my knitting journey. True, I now have to start all-over to learn how to handle the needles and stitches I am familiar with using continental style knitting but this seems so worth it! So before I finish this post, I thought I would leave you with one my favorite continental knitting tutorials I found on YouTube:

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