First Loom Knitting Project Complete!

What is it?


Yeah! I have completed my first knitting project using my new long loom. But what is this thing? This is the question my husband asked me as soon as I finished it…. To my small embarrassment, I explained that I was tired of our headboard hitting the walls in our room and I made a small little blanket as a cushion. (no getting the wrong ideas here- after two years of marriage we’re pretty much only reading in bed) ☺ Anyway, after a short couple of evenings I was able to complete this little project on New Year’s Eve. We decided to stay in this year and kept each other company by doing a different activity on the hour, every hour until midnight. One of the activities was to watch a new movie before midnight. This was my chance to complete my little blanket before the New Year! I finished it with over thirty minutes to spare before we toasted to the New Year. As promised, I will give a full report on what I think of loom knitting so far. Rating is from 1-10, 10 being the best: Ease of use: 10+ Clear instructions: 8+ Comfort while loom knitting: 10 Speed: 5 (this could improve since I am new to this)


Overall thoughts – While I miss the feel of knitting needles, I love the fact that I can knit a piece of fabric on a loom and pretty much put it down without worrying if I am going to lose my place or drop stitches. The only drawback so far it that it seems to take more time to finish a row versus knitting needles. But as I stated above, that this could be due to the fact that I am new at this. Well, we will have to see what is around the next corner for this loom knitter. Until next time…

Editors Note: This entry was transferred from a dead blog site to this new WordPress site – no one ever visited the old one 😦   So here is to new beginnings…