Black Hills Majesty, Part 2



As promised, I am continuing from my last blog post which regale’s the time we spent in South Dakota this past May.

Harney's Peak
Harney’s Peak

Our trip through the Black Hills of South Dakota was extremely memorable. On my husband’s birthday, we climbed to the top of the highest peaks in the hills known has Harney Peak.

Harney’s Peak entails 7 miles round-trip of gorgeous trails with stunning vistas and furry creatures of all sorts. The peak stands at 7,242 in elevation with a structure built at the top of the summit where you can witness the glory of the hills for miles on end.

During the first half of our trip the weather was quite cool and rainy. There was even point in time during our hike we experienced raw nature as it hailed on us! There is nothing like bolting down a trail through rain and hail – let me tell you!

Another part of our trip included winding roads through the hills and forests where you can see many unique rock formations and man-made ones like Mount Rushmore. One of our most treasured National monuments is certainly something to behold as the sun rises over the hills in the morning; simply breath-taking!

Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore

Unfortunately,our trip wasn’t all fun and games though.

As the days began to heat up, a most un-welcomed surprise waited for us back at the cabin – bees! We swatted and ran around our cabin like crazy people. The bees apparently just loved us city-folk, they just wouldn’t leave us alone. Our cabin neighbors must have laughed at our silliness as we ran in and out of our cabin waving our hands above our heads. What a sight we must have made!

We eventually managed to get things under control where we could somewhat relax through the evening. To calm down from the bee invasion, I managed to create another Zentangle tile. Upon reflection, I think the bees had an influence on what tangles I chose for my drawing that day. There definitely seems to be a buzz-like theme to my tile – what do you think?

Well, this concludes part 2 of my South Dakota Trip. Stay tuned once again tomorrow as I unveil the last leg of our trip.

Until next post…

Tangles Used: Crescent Moon Variation, Yincut, Knightsbridge, Beeline, Florz, and Rain.


Day Fifteen, Creation Fifteen

photo Ah! Day Fifteen, you’re finally here!

Okay, so I know I am not posting consecutive days. Heck, I am not even creating these on a daily basis, but I do know that I have accomplished one of my goals. That is say that I have proudly been posting my creations (somewhat) consistently for the past month or so.

I’ll be the first to admit that working around my “work” schedule is a major hurdle. First, my job entails A LOT of computer work. Most of the time when I get home the last thing I want to do is see another computer. However, this is for myself and not for work. THIS is what I try to tell myself as I drag myself over to the computer to begin my next blog entry.

In a perfect world I would not be working on computers all day long. I would be in my studio creating and selling my art. However, there is some truth to the whole “starving artist” mentality that seems to plague any artist who admits to what they do for a living. You really do have to work hard at being a moderately wealthy successful artist in a world full of very talented people. It’s incredibly difficult to stand among the throngs of competing artists and say my work is so much more unique and different then any other when there are many times I feel my work is barely adequate. I am however content to create art for art’s sake which is primarily for my own sanity. Suffice to say, I am okay with maintaining my current status quo of “working” to pay the bills and “playing” at art when I get back home.

So what does my little rant have to do with today’s tile? Absolutely NOTHING! 🙂

So onto what today’s post is really about… Today’s little creation encompassed using more organic tangles. I learned two new organic style tangles called “Locar” and “Verdigogh”.

BY THE WAY, Don’t you love the play on names Zentangle artist’s come up with to name their unique tangles? I sure do!

Anyway, to round out this tile I was encouraged to use the more geometric new tangle called “Yincut” which stands out against the organic forms. On a whim, I decided I would create this tile using white ink on black paper. I played around with shading on this tile by using a cream colored shading pencil and sepia brown toned pastel pencil. The deeper chocolate pastel pencil created more depth and gave the selected areas more vibrancy.

I am very happy with my shading experiments on the black tile and warrants further play time the next time I feel like creating a white on black tile.

If you made it this far, congratulations, you made it through my rant with your mind intact. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and as always, please “like” this post.

Until next time…

Denielle Noe