Black Hills Majesty, Part 1


It’s been over 2 months since my trip to South Dakota in May and it still feels like yesterday when we were exploring those majestic Black Hills.

My husband and I traversed three states and close to 1,000 miles to experience the beauty of South Dakota’s most alluring area. Clean air, fresh pines surrounded our little cabin in Keystone, SD. We explored the hills to our hearts content and relaxed our evenings away enjoying stunning sunsets and beheld the eerie mists that rolled through the pines at night.

Our tour of the area included kayaking on Sylvan Lake, taking the wildlife loop through Custer State Park and driving through the wondrous Badlands. It was a trip I will never forget.

Our trip incorporated plenty of down-time where I could take a moment or two to draw or knit. I ended up knitting two sets of socks and three tangled tiles. Here are some photographic highlights taken during the course of the trip:

Stayed tuned tomorrow as I unveil day two’s tile with more commentary and photos of our adventure through South Dakota!

Tangles Used: Flux, Betweed, Tat, Fescu




Day Thirty Three, Creation Thirty Three


What is the world coming to? Now she’s making creations with circles-oh my!

This was one of the One Zentangle a Day challenge day I was looking forward to the most- creating my very first Zendala!

What is a “Zendala” you ask? Well, a Zendala is inspired by the traditional Mandala graphic design which symbolizes the universe. A mandala is divided into for different sections with patterns that repeat themselves. The Zendala version is very similar but rather than using traditional symbolic imagery a Zendala uses tangles! A blank Zendala template was provided to get you familiar with using tangles in a Zendala. The provided Zendala template has a very organic feel to it, so I decided that using organic style tangles would complement this template the best.

To keep things simple, I decided I would only use three favorite tangles to achieve the repetitive pattern that is needed for a successful Zendala. I choose three favorite patterns: Lazy Eights, Tagh, and Eke. To make this particular Zendala standout, I lined each petal with a thicker pen. Shading, which is my favorite part, was added afterwards to bring some dimension to the pattern.

Hope you like my very first Zendala! I look forward to creating my next one!

Until next time…

Day Seventeen, Creation Seventeen

20130821-194625.jpgOh the wonderful webs we can weave! At least that is what I am think when I look at my tile.

Day Seventeen asked me to continue to focus on organic curvy patterns and seek to combine them with a linear style tangle. If you haven’t notice already, I tend to  lean towards using organic looking tangles, which is my preference, but trying to combine organic pattern with a more uniform defined pattern was a little more challenging.

As an added challenge, I had a hard time figuring out how to combine the recommended newly learned tangles into this piece. Eventually, I ran across a suggested string template found on (String Template # 043)

If you haven’t had a chance to explore, this is a “must-stop” website for beginners or anyone looking to expand their tangle pattern collection. This site is loaded with official Zentangle patterns and other custom designed patterns from around the world. also has plenty of helpful tips, guides, and book reviews. This is where I go to for inspiration or if I am just “stuck” and not sure how to begin a tile.

After I found the string template from, I was no longer unsure of myself and was able to start my tile. For the outer diamond area, I began filling in the tile with “Virtruvius” tangle which is cool pattern that alternates between a circle and square. For the center area I used the lollipop looking pattern called “Sedgling” and filled in the rest of the center with “Courant” which is a design that fills in open areas nicely.

All-in-all, this didn’t turn out too badly and I was happy for the chance to unwind while I created this. I hope you get a chance to unwind this evening as well. If you not sure where to begin, just pick a pen and start drawing. 🙂

Until next post…

Denielle Noe



Day Fifteen, Creation Fifteen

photo Ah! Day Fifteen, you’re finally here!

Okay, so I know I am not posting consecutive days. Heck, I am not even creating these on a daily basis, but I do know that I have accomplished one of my goals. That is say that I have proudly been posting my creations (somewhat) consistently for the past month or so.

I’ll be the first to admit that working around my “work” schedule is a major hurdle. First, my job entails A LOT of computer work. Most of the time when I get home the last thing I want to do is see another computer. However, this is for myself and not for work. THIS is what I try to tell myself as I drag myself over to the computer to begin my next blog entry.

In a perfect world I would not be working on computers all day long. I would be in my studio creating and selling my art. However, there is some truth to the whole “starving artist” mentality that seems to plague any artist who admits to what they do for a living. You really do have to work hard at being a moderately wealthy successful artist in a world full of very talented people. It’s incredibly difficult to stand among the throngs of competing artists and say my work is so much more unique and different then any other when there are many times I feel my work is barely adequate. I am however content to create art for art’s sake which is primarily for my own sanity. Suffice to say, I am okay with maintaining my current status quo of “working” to pay the bills and “playing” at art when I get back home.

So what does my little rant have to do with today’s tile? Absolutely NOTHING! 🙂

So onto what today’s post is really about… Today’s little creation encompassed using more organic tangles. I learned two new organic style tangles called “Locar” and “Verdigogh”.

BY THE WAY, Don’t you love the play on names Zentangle artist’s come up with to name their unique tangles? I sure do!

Anyway, to round out this tile I was encouraged to use the more geometric new tangle called “Yincut” which stands out against the organic forms. On a whim, I decided I would create this tile using white ink on black paper. I played around with shading on this tile by using a cream colored shading pencil and sepia brown toned pastel pencil. The deeper chocolate pastel pencil created more depth and gave the selected areas more vibrancy.

I am very happy with my shading experiments on the black tile and warrants further play time the next time I feel like creating a white on black tile.

If you made it this far, congratulations, you made it through my rant with your mind intact. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and as always, please “like” this post.

Until next time…

Denielle Noe

Day One, Creation One

photo 4Here it is folks! Day one, creation one for my self imposed daily Zentangle challenge! In case you didn’t read my earlier post, I am following “One Zentangle A Day” 6 week course. This first project was nice and easy which was made using some basic tangles. The tangle patterns that are featured is: “Static”, “Crescent Moon”, and “Tipple”. Hope you like!

Denielle Noe