Day Thirty Three, Creation Thirty Three


What is the world coming to? Now she’s making creations with circles-oh my!

This was one of the One Zentangle a Day challenge day I was looking forward to the most- creating my very first Zendala!

What is a “Zendala” you ask? Well, a Zendala is inspired by the traditional Mandala graphic design which symbolizes the universe. A mandala is divided into for different sections with patterns that repeat themselves. The Zendala version is very similar but rather than using traditional symbolic imagery a Zendala uses tangles! A blank Zendala template was provided to get you familiar with using tangles in a Zendala. The provided Zendala template has a very organic feel to it, so I decided that using organic style tangles would complement this template the best.

To keep things simple, I decided I would only use three favorite tangles to achieve the repetitive pattern that is needed for a successful Zendala. I choose three favorite patterns: Lazy Eights, Tagh, and Eke. To make this particular Zendala standout, I lined each petal with a thicker pen. Shading, which is my favorite part, was added afterwards to bring some dimension to the pattern.

Hope you like my very first Zendala! I look forward to creating my next one!

Until next time…


Day Thirty Two, Creation Thirty Two

imageOh what fun today’s creation was! Today’s challenge was to take a familiar shape and break some boundaries! I decided for this tile that I would use a cute little bird shape. Once that was decided, I filled in my bird with all sorts of tangles: “Tagh”, “Tat”, “Finery”, “Betweed”, “Nekton”, “Sedgling”, “Fesu”, “ “NZeppel”, “Shattuck”, and “Eke”.  To have my bird break some boundaries, I added a simple crisscrossing border around the edges. For some finishing touches, I added spring-like tangles like Sedgling, Fescu, and Tat. Shading was a must for this creation since it added so much depth and character to my little bird.


I really loved how this tile came out and so did my husband when I showed it to him. He even asked if I could give it to him, but I not sure that I want to yet. I think I am going to hang onto it for a while first J


Now here’s a little challenge, since I used so many tangles in this tile, try to find where I used all of them! Have fun…

Day Twenty Two, Creation Twenty Two

Guilty as charged. You caught me in the act of ignoring my blog like the plague. It’s not like I don’t care, I do. However, I just didn’t feel like posting for a while- you know?

Not only that, I haven’t really created anything in over a week. Now that’s really lame. Ironically, I have been sitting on this particular day/tile for long time, I just haven’t gotten around to talking about it yet.

Honestly, I still don’t really feel like posting anything today, but the guilt of not doing anything is getting to me. Funny how “guilt” can get you to do things you don’t really want to do but do it anyway.

So here it goes…

Color equals happiness; rain and clouds equals me being bored out of my skull. So let’s talk about color instead of the rain pouring outside my window currently, shall we?

As you can see from my little picture I used color and plenty of it. It was great to explore more color for this day’s challenge. Also, I learned some new fun tangles called “Tagh” and “Tat”, fun names- right? These new tangles were very organic looking and I thought immediately it would great to pay homage to nature by mimicking leaf and tree branches.

Instead of drawing a loose string for this tile, I decided on some finite leaf-like shapes in each corner that was filled with “Tagh” and colored with greens and browns. The bright green leafy pattern is created from a “Tat” variation and I filled in the rest of the tile with branches which was topped off with a “Tat” to represent flowers.

Overall, I finding that I love working with color using the Zentangle method which makes working with color easy and approachable. As I have stated in a previous blog entry, I normally shied away from using color and relatively new to using it in my art. Previously color theory and me didn’t get along to well. I used to run away from color to escape to my comfortable black and white world of graphite drawings with an occasional break of bland monochromatic schemes.

Thanks for taking the journey with me as I continue to explore the world of color a little more.

Until next time…