Day Thirty Eight, Creation Thirty Eight

imageCool! Now I get to add bag designer to my art resume! As you can tell, today’s creation involved tangling on fabric. Similar to yesterday’s post, this creation required a little forethought before diving in.

First off, I needed some fabric to tangle on, so I headed over to my local craft store to scope out what my choices were. I landed on a cute basic white canvas bag which I thought would be perfect to tangle on. Second, I needed something that would easily draw onto the fabric and also be washable. After looking around the fabric section, I picked out a black permanent marker that was design to go right onto the fabric. How awesome is that? Now I was ready to roll!

Now here is where the risky part came in. Now that I had my choice of fabric and the means to draw on it, the hardest part is deciding to begin. What if I screw it up? What if my cool new marker leaks all over the place and ruins the project?

The what–if’s definitely can freeze you in your tracks, but I know I wanted to complete this challenge so I foraged ahead despite my worries. So, I literally had a blank canvas before me and decided what the hell did I have to lose. I went for it!

Without any pencil string or anything to guide me, I drew some familiar tangles free-hand right onto the fabric. I let my hand and my heart be my guide as I drew each pattern. Without any real forethought, I began using very organic style tangles and ended up with a very floral like pattern on my bag. I started with “Tat” with other Tat tangleations and added “Flux” “Scoodle” “Sedgling” to the mix.

Overall, I loved how my little bag came out. I am super glad I got over my worries and just went with it. Now it’s time to move onto the next challenge.

I wonder what it will be?…


Day Thirty Two, Creation Thirty Two

imageOh what fun today’s creation was! Today’s challenge was to take a familiar shape and break some boundaries! I decided for this tile that I would use a cute little bird shape. Once that was decided, I filled in my bird with all sorts of tangles: “Tagh”, “Tat”, “Finery”, “Betweed”, “Nekton”, “Sedgling”, “Fesu”, “ “NZeppel”, “Shattuck”, and “Eke”.  To have my bird break some boundaries, I added a simple crisscrossing border around the edges. For some finishing touches, I added spring-like tangles like Sedgling, Fescu, and Tat. Shading was a must for this creation since it added so much depth and character to my little bird.


I really loved how this tile came out and so did my husband when I showed it to him. He even asked if I could give it to him, but I not sure that I want to yet. I think I am going to hang onto it for a while first J


Now here’s a little challenge, since I used so many tangles in this tile, try to find where I used all of them! Have fun…

Day Seventeen, Creation Seventeen

20130821-194625.jpgOh the wonderful webs we can weave! At least that is what I am think when I look at my tile.

Day Seventeen asked me to continue to focus on organic curvy patterns and seek to combine them with a linear style tangle. If you haven’t notice already, I tend to  lean towards using organic looking tangles, which is my preference, but trying to combine organic pattern with a more uniform defined pattern was a little more challenging.

As an added challenge, I had a hard time figuring out how to combine the recommended newly learned tangles into this piece. Eventually, I ran across a suggested string template found on (String Template # 043)

If you haven’t had a chance to explore, this is a “must-stop” website for beginners or anyone looking to expand their tangle pattern collection. This site is loaded with official Zentangle patterns and other custom designed patterns from around the world. also has plenty of helpful tips, guides, and book reviews. This is where I go to for inspiration or if I am just “stuck” and not sure how to begin a tile.

After I found the string template from, I was no longer unsure of myself and was able to start my tile. For the outer diamond area, I began filling in the tile with “Virtruvius” tangle which is cool pattern that alternates between a circle and square. For the center area I used the lollipop looking pattern called “Sedgling” and filled in the rest of the center with “Courant” which is a design that fills in open areas nicely.

All-in-all, this didn’t turn out too badly and I was happy for the chance to unwind while I created this. I hope you get a chance to unwind this evening as well. If you not sure where to begin, just pick a pen and start drawing. 🙂

Until next post…

Denielle Noe