Day Twenty Five, Creation Twenty Five


This is definitely a fun tile I created for today. I finally managed to crack open my new mini travel watercolor set that I got in October. With all the craziness that has been happening since purchasing this set, I just never had a chance to use my new art toy. 

Now that I had a chance to play, I think I am falling in love with using both watercolor and ink in my work. I love the ability to lay down  color and then apply my tangle artwork over it. It really adds a new dimension to my work and gets me to rethink how to start a tile.

You probably be seeing more watercolor & pen work in future postings! For now let’s continue to explore this tile a little more.

Day twenty-five’s challenge asked me to create this tile using a technique that has been used since the middle ages called “perfs”.  This technique was used on illuminated manuscripts that were produced during the time period. For today’s purposes, the Perf technique is used as a “tanglenhancer” which adds a fun touch around the poke root tangle seen in the tile.

The other newly learned tangle you see used is called ” Taghpodz”  which is the very detailed leaf-like pattern seen in the tile. To pull it all together I decided to add “Squid” to fill in the open area of the tile. Despite all the pen-work, it is really the color that is the star of this piece and really enjoyed creating this one. We’ll just have to see what tomorrow will bring- maybe more color?

Until next post…


Day Three, Creation Three

photo 3I know, I know- I missed posting yesterday. Unfortunately, life had a way of getting in the way of creating art sometimes. But never fear, day three is finally here. This fun little tile features a new tangle called “Festune” and two other official Zentangles called “Hollibaugh” and “Poke Root”.

Thanks for viewing!

Denielle Noe