Flashback Friday: Doodle Flowers #art #ink #mixedmedia

So you might have noticed I have been a little obsessed with spring around this time of year. What’s not to love? Warmer winds, greener grasses and all those lovely flowers just starting to bloom! Today’s post shares a little doodle I did a year ago expressing my passion for spring.

Similar to last week’s post, this entry was also inspired by artist Lisa Congdon from her drawing class hosted by CreativebugSketchbook Exploration”. In the last section of her class she explores collage making and adding hand-drawn elements over the top of collage.

My own version incorporates vintage transparent paper which was combined together using acrylic gel matte medium over a light green inked background using Tim Holtz Distress Ink. Once the background was completely dry, I added hand-drawn flowers inspired by Lisa’s book “100 Ways to Draw a Tulip”. For a final touch, I used Derwent Inktense blocks over the top of the pages that exposed all the wonderful texture lying underneath.

It’s nice to break from complicated drawings and let loose by adding simple drawn elements to a page. After all, my journal is for me and is supposed to be fun, not serious artwork intended for museums. I encourage you to check out some of Lisa’s books and classes. It’s always good to find new sources of inspiration. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this entry.

Until next post – Denielle


Flashback Friday: Spring is Here! #art #ink #spring


Looking back at this past week it does feel like spring – doesn’t it? Apparently I felt the same way this time last year OR maybe it was wishful thing at the time… Regardless, spring always feel like a welcome change after staying cooped up in our houses all winter long.

Like many critters that roam the earth, we start to come out of our little holes and spread our wings as we emerge from our winter hibernation. Some people go for long walks, while others run. I myself love doing both. Just breathing in that fresh air can do wonders to your mood, lift your spirits and place a pleasant smile on your face.

Springtime is also synonymous with the blooming season. Even now where I work, little stray wild flowers are beginning to poke through the ground with small bursts of color. It is wonderful! I love watching things bloom all around me. I adore even seeing simple grass makes its transition to dull brown to a lush green. With all the color coming alive around me, I can’t help but admire this season!

This entry pays tribute to all things spring; the color, the flowers, the lovey green fields and all the people I see enjoying it. My sketch is inspired by artist Lisa Congdon from her drawing class hosted by CreativebugSketchbook Exploration” . While my drawing is inspired by her class, I infused my own flavor into this sketch by using my own preferred art material, namely my favorite Derwent Inktense Blocks, and added my own twist to some of the hand-drawn flowers. I hope you take some time this upcoming week to look all around and experience the wonder of season. You may become inspired enough to draw or write about it.

Until next post…

Materials Used: Derwent Inktense Blocks, Sakura Pigma Micron Pen, Pilot Parallels Pen, Koi Water brush

Flashback Fridays: Nov 27, 2014 #art #ink # mixed media #dnartcorner

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on those in our lives and blessings that we have. We we gather, we eat, we give thanks. Giving thanks and showing appreciation for what I have in my life is what insprired my journal entry last November. I cannot imaginve my life without the people that have graced my life. Especially the ones that have stayed by my side through thick and thin. They mean the world to me. This journal page is in dedication to them.


Materials used: Tombow Markers, Sakura Gelly Roll Pens, Sakura Micron Pen

The process: I cannot take credit for this very cool technique. The technique was created by artist and designer, Lisa Congdon as demonstrated in her Creativebug class “Sketchbook Explorations”. The technique basically involves laying down in geometric shapes using Tombow colored makers and then layering one solid color over the top leaving circular windows. Using a silver Gelly roll pen, you outline each window to make them pop-out.  My own personal touch was adding collaged basic shapes with “Give Thanks” in circles and a thankful quote in rectangles to the page. I choose to keep the collage shapes primarily in white with subtle hints of color to make the standout from an already busy background. Overall I like outcome of this journal page and hope this inspires you to create your thanksgiving inspired themed page.