Flashback Friday: Simple Flowers #art #ink #spring


It’s late at night and I just remembered I haven’t posted this week’s flashback post yet. Ugh. I’m tired. It’s been one of those weeks…

On the bright side, looking back in my art journal my drawing of simple little flowers brought a smile to my face and brightened my mood. While I remember not spending  a lot of time on this drawing, I recall that it was simple and relaxing to create. It serves as a reminder that not everything I do in life has to be grand or complicated. Take pleasure in the simple things and even simple drawings; I feel better knowing I have done something rather than nothing at all.


This entry was inspired by an art lesson from one of my favorite pen and ink artists, Helen Williams. She offers a wonderful ebooks that describes her process. These little flowers were a part of the first few lessons in her book “Flips, Folds, Ribbon, and String“. If you find this entry inspiring be sure to check out her blog A Little Lime for more information.

That’s all I have for now. Goodnight readers, goodnight…


Still Here

imageI find it ironic that every couple of months I fall off the face of the planet only come back to apologize and vow never do it again. LOL

Life is never that simple.

I realize this is one of my longest breaks ever since starting this blog and I feel bad that I have not been true to myself. Being true to myself means I realize how much I actually get out of blogging. It’s not about sharing my artwork or my little journeys. It’s about taking the time to write. It’s therapeutic in a way that I can’t get from anything else in my life. Including creating art.

My absence is mostly due to the break-in that happened to us in early November. While I am very grateful we didn’t lose everything, we did lose one thing that was very important to us – our computer. It may not seem like much, but I stored everything on there- photos, memories, writings, my art. The thief took all of it. We had no back up, the only the things we still have is what we shared online.

I hate the fact that we were violated this way and had our lives turned upside down for a period of time. But that is how it goes sometimes. We have to cry, get mad, get over it and move on. I will admit, I pouted over our loss for quite some time. I didn’t want to have anything to do with any computer; including blogging. But I realize now, how much I miss it. I started finally blogging yesterday on my knitting-spinning blog. And you know what? It felt really good to start sharing again. So good in fact that I wanted to start blogging on my art blog too.

So here I am finally, ready to post and share again. Life moves on and I am still here.

My little disclaimer about this site


Okay, so I realize that it is important to stay consistant when starting a new site. I also realize since starting this blog that I have changed this blog’s design and theme at least four-five times since it’s inception.  My bad; I know…

So why do I change the design of this site so much? Well, for starters I just haven`t been very happy with the themes I have been choosing. Each WordPress theme has its quirks that can drive me up the wall somtimes. Some theme layouts may look great in my computer`s brower, but looks like crap on my mobile device. I prefer responsive layouts so the design stays the same from computer to mobile and not the ugly generic mobile version that is offered as an optional feature.

Other things like limited ability to customize the look of the theme can be a killbuzz. I also may be in love with a themes color pallette one day and the next day the colors hurts my eyes just to look at them. So to recap, I am obsessed with my site looking good across all platforms and I like adding my own pizazz to my blog with the perfect color pallete. So alas, I keep searching for the perfect one.

So today’s post includes a little disclaimer about this site. Yes, I did yet again change the theme of this blog, and
yes, this is the sixth time I have changed my mind. That`s what this disclaimer boils down to- as long as the name of my blog and all the other pages and elements stay consistent, I am exercsing my right to change the design as many times as I need to until I find the right one. Feel free to blame WordPress for making it too damn easy for me to change my mind at a click of a button.

Until the next theme post…

To Blog or Not to Blog?

My first ever Zentangle tileOkay so I am trying to take a step in the right direction and finally start doing something with my art other than creating sporadic drawings and burying them in my dusty portfolio.

It’s time to come out of the art closet and start sharing the work I create. I figured why not start a blog? I am hoping this blog will encourage me to be accountable at least to myself and help keep motivating me to keep creating more art.

I will say that this is almost a purely selfish endeavor. Know one my even read my posts, but at least I will give this blogging thing a fair chance before I pass any judgements. So as a part of my first post ever, I thought it would be nice to share one of my first official Zentangle tiles I ever created. Enjoy!