8 Month Hiatus- picking up needle knitting again


Editors Note: This entry was transferred from a dead blog site to this new WordPress site -no one ever visited the old one 😦   So here is to new beginnings…


What in the world has she been doing all this time?

BeFunky_GettyImages_106682763.jpgTime to fess up, I have completely ignored both of my blogs for over six months. Yikes! has it really been that long?

Seems like yesterday that I was posting regularly; happily typing away…

Now that some things in my life have finally calmed down, I thought it was time to put some effort into catching up on my knitting and spinning blog. I found that I really do miss sharing what I have been working on and/or learning. Writing has always been a great stress relief for me in addition to my favorite pass times.

So what in the world have I been doing all this time? Well, for starters, I have been knitting up a storm creating gifts and warm woolen things to wear during this chilly winter. Up until now, I couldn’t really post all the wonderful projects I have been working on – that would ruin the surprise for the recipients!

Another thing that has taken up a lot of my time was my new ‘toy’. My husband surprised me this Christmas with my first spinning wheel! I have spun away many days practicing and get used to my new little spinning wonder. My new wheel has offered a wonderful way to chase away those winter the doldrums! I will go into more details of my new wheel and how it works in a separate post soon.

So here’s the plan. Over the next couple of weeks, I plant to catch up by posting all the projects and things I have been doing since August. My goal is to get caught up to present day and try to be more faithful about blogging regularly thereafter.

If I still have any readers out there, thanks for sticking with me!

Until next post…

PS. If you are curious about my other blog mentioned in this post, please visit dnartcorner.wordpress.com to check it out.

New iPad Mini Cover and Placemat project update

Hello knitters,

I  took a little break from my spinning project to re-focus my attention on some knitting! Since my last knit post, I was working on creating these lovely round Summertime place mats. Unfortunately, due to a rough start ( I had started and ripped out the first place mat at least five times before I met success). Slightly disheartened, I put aside my place mat project in favor of a cool little iPad case cover I needed to make.

To explain, I had recently purchased a new keyboard case for my beloved iPad mini. However, even though the case is rock solid sturdy, it is lack luster in appearance. The color black is slimming but is really unnecessary for an already slim iPad. So in order to protect my new investment and dress it up a little, I decided to create my very own case cover and pattern for the little guy!

I call the pattern ‘2×2 iPad Mini Case Cover’ since I used 2×2 ribbing pattern throughout. I went with the same pretty pink and grey self striping yarn I used in the last shawl project. Like a broken record, I promise to one day post my pattern, but  I not at the point of having the time to write it yet – please bear with me.

Anyway, I wanted to show-off my new little cover and was very pleased with the results. I even created a small pocket on the inside to hold a micro-fiber clean cloth! As a final touch, I secured the enclosure with an adorable heart-shaped button to forever label this case as being very “girly”.  Here, take a look at the completed project:

I love my little new case and I use it every day. It’s nice knowing that I can throw my iPad in my work bag now and not worry about it getting damaged as it bounces around inside – the cover adds a nice extra fluffy layer of protection.

Now that I started and finished my iPad Mini Cover, I have reluctantly turned my attention back to my Summertime place mat project, which is ironic,summer will probably be over before I finish them. Oh well…

Here is the start of the second Summertime place mat:


I will hopefully make some headway over the weekend and promise to post another update soon.

Until next time knitters!

Sock it to me and more placemats!

Hello all you knitters out there. This post is long overdue since I have been back from vacation for well over a month now 🙂

I hinted in my last post that I would attempt to knit my first-pair of socks. I am happy to report – success!


Not only did I complete both pairs of socks while on vacation, I began and finished a  set for my husband. He now wears them proudly around the house…

image_medium2 (1)

So what is next for this knitter? Well, I found this awesome round knitted dishcloth pattern from VeryPink.com called ‘Quaker dishcloth’ the pattern is fairly easy to learn and adapt to any size that you want. Here is a glimpse at the beginning of the project:

image_medium2 (2)


I have already completed one placemat so far and will begin starting on the next one soon. I promise I will post pics of the completed set as soon a I finish all of them.

Even with all of these projects going on, I started and nearly completed a bottom-up garter stitch shawl. I began the project because I needed something very easy to do over the 4th of July weekend that did not need a lot of concentration. The shawl pattern is so very easy to do. I posted a video in an earlier post about this pattern, but in case you are interested, here it is again:


Easiest Shawl Pattern Ever

Needle:  US 13 – 9.0mm (or size needle recommend for yarn of choice)

Yarn: 1-2 skeins color of choice Weight: Super Bulky (5-6 wpi)

*Gauge is not important.

Cast-on: 3 stitches

Row 1: YO knit all stitches, turn

Row 2: YO knit all stitches, turn

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until the shawl reaches the desired size

Weave in ends.


If you end up trying this pattern yourself, please be sure to send me a picture or link. I would love to see what you have done!

I definitely keep a busy lifestyle with all of these projects. I have even managed to keep up with some of my drawing (if you curious about my other art blog, please visit dnartcorner.wordpress.com). Keeping up with all of these knitting projects and little art drawings is a choice I make every day. These activities keep my mind active and my hands busy. They bring peace to my life when things around me can seem hectic and stressful. These hobbies do not add to my stress, they relieve it.

I will always seek out new ideas and inspirations. It what drives my passion for creativity and keeps me sane. So what’s on the next horizon? I’ll give you a hint:

Think Spinning…

Until next time knitters ~

Long overdue update. Plus new first-time sock project underway!

Gosh! I just realized today that it’s been well over a month since my last post! This by no way indicates that I have stopped knitting altogether. Quite the contrary! I have been knitting my nights and weekends away. Last time, I had spoken that I had completed my first lace scarf. Since then, I have been wearing it a lot and receiving many compliments on it. It was well worth the effort to try lace knitting again. Perhaps I will do another lace project in the future, but for now I have my plate full with knitting projects that are already in the works.

Here is brief recap on what you missed while I was away:

3 little Easter Cable Cup Cozy’s
(or Cosy if you are in the UK)

Easter Cozy

This was a fun little project that I completed as gifts for Easter. This pattern worked up super fast and was super fun! This is also a great pattern to try if you never knitted cables before. The pattern for the is a free Ravelry download. Here is the link to download the “Cable Cup Cozy” by Jessica Biscoe.

Fuzzy Garter Stitch Infinity Scarf

Garter Stitch Infinity Scarf

To pass the time while taking a long trip out to the Gurnee, IL area, I wanted to work on a no-thinking type of project. I looked up some patterns online, but most of them needed an internet connection to view them so I struck out on my own to create heavily modified pattern inspired by fellow Ravelry member Andrea Sanchez’s pattern Garter Stitch Eternity Scarf. Here is my modified version:

CO 150 – join
Row 1-6: Knit 1 row , Purl 1 row
Row 7-9: Knit
Row 10-15: Knit 1 row , Purl 1 row
Row 16-18: Knit
Row 19-24: Knit 1 row , Purl 1 row
Row 25: BO 150
Finish: weave in ends

Novelty Moebius 

Novelty Mobius

This little scarf came about because I wanted something to wear on Easter. With little time and just one skein of novelty yarn, I created this little pattern and gave it a little twist at the end. Thus the Novelty Moebius was born! At the moment my hand scribbled paper is lying at the bottom of my knitting, but I promised to post this pattern soon. This was so much fun that I created a second one in blue but alas I have no picture to post.

First-ever Baby Cardigan

I will be the first to admit that I have been totally intimidated to create my first sweater. As opportunity would have it, I ran across this awesome baby cardi pattern in Spring 2014 edition of Creative Knitting magazine titled “Take it From the Top cardi” by Carri Hammett. This pattern was designed to created from the top-down exclusively for first-timers. There were plenty of instructions included with the pattern that made knitting this cute pint-sized sweater a breeze. This knitted up rather quickly (minus the projects I sneaked in between while making this cardi) and I was super-pleased with the results. To compliment the baby cardigan, I found this awesome baby headband pattern. Here is the link to the free pattern: “Spring” Baby Headband” by Amy Andersen.

First ever pair of Socks using the Magic Loop Method

Magic Loop Socks

As I eluded in the title of this post, I will be embarking on another first for me. I am taking a vacation to South Dakota where I plan to tackle my first pair of knitted socks! I found this great tutorial on YouTube that explained step-by-step the process of knitting socks using the Magic loop method. There are 7 videos in all. I loved what I saw so much, I purchased the pattern through Ravelry from Staci Perry of “VeryPink”. Staci’s teaching style and patterns are great for beginners. I am so excited to try out magic loop sock pattern! Here is the first video and link to the pattern:

Learn to Knit Magic Loop Socks by Staci Perry

To view more videos in this series, click here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long post. Stay tuned as I hope to post more pictures of my sock project.

Until next time…

Some Quick Updates

Sorry for the long delay in posting again. I have been just super busy knitting the days away! Since my last post, I have started and finished two more custom orders. Can anyone say “Basic Black Cowl”?


You guessed it! Another order for a basic black cowl. Who would have thought that this would have been so popular? Then again, it’s been such a brutal winter that everyone is struggling just to stay warm.

Speaking of which, as I mentioned in my last post, when I wore my lovely blue arm-knitted infinity scarf, a fellow coworker saw it and asked me if I could make her one. So here it is in all its glory:


In other fronts, my green shawl border is crawling towards the finish line. I have just one more side to go and I will be done! Here is a sneak peek at my progress:


In other news, I was gently guided by hints from home that we could use some freshening up around the house with some new placemats. So I worked out a super easy pattern on my own and started knitting away with some cotton yarn I had lying around:


I now have one completed and second one on its way. I have decided to call my pattern Springtime placemats and will hopefully have a written pattern worked out soon. For now, it’s all in my head. I think that is a good thing – right?

Last but not least, I have waited close to month for some new Dreamz knitting needles to come in to my local yarn shop. To explain, I have completely fell in love with the needle brand Knitter’s Pride Dreamz knitting needles! I have been currently working on my placemats with a size US 8 and was excited to order another set. I had set aside a spring lace scarf pattern that I am dying to use these new needles with. I am very happy to report that they came in yesterday! I rushed right over last night to pick up my new Knitter’s Pride needles. With my new set of needles, I picked up my first hank of premium yarn! It is a gorgeous washable sport-weight merino wool from Lorna’s Laces call “Passion”.


These are supposed be “ the” colors of the season so I am super excited to be working this scarf pattern soon. But first, thing’s first- I must get that shawl done…

That’s all I got for now!

Until next post 🙂

Finished another custom order


This is just a quick update folks. Just wanted to share that I completed my fifth custom order this past week. This time the order consisted of two more basic cowls in black. This is ironic twist of fate since I just completed a single custom order that was also a basic black cowl for the same customer. It seems lately that no sooner when I finish one custom order, another one is surprisingly waiting in the wings. By no means am I complaining. Getting some compensatioin to feed my knitting hobby is always a nice bonus. Plus, I am very flattered that my fellow coworkers and friends think my work is good enough to give away as gifts or to wear themselves.

On another quick update, I keep working on my green shawl that I started last March before I put it in cold storage.

Working on the shawl lace border has been both relaxing and frustrating experience at the same time. Unlike my very first knitted shawl that I also completed with a lace border, this one is giving me some problems. Either my first shawl was a complete fluke where I never had to frog any sections, or the yarn I chose for the second shawl project could be culprit. Either way I keep hacking at it; one little section at a time.

On the bright side, I learned my lesson with my attempted lace scarf over the summer. All lace work needs life lines installed in several intervals. Now that I know this, frogging sections have become less of a heartache since I only have to frog back so far.

Well, time to get back to knitting…

Magical appearing blog posts


Hello to any new readers of this blog! I want to avoid any confusion for any visitors of my site with posts that are suddenly magically appearing from a couple of years ago. I actually started a knitting blog in August of 2011 using another service. The service was geared toward building websites with some blogging features. There was no blogging community to support my blog and no one could find me. For a knitting blog, I was okay with that. The entries I posted acted as more of a personal journal for me anyway.

However, after I started a second blog to talk about my art and my new love affair with an art-form called Zentangle, I decided that having zero visitors for an art site was just NOT COOL. Someone suggested that I try WordPress because the blogging community here is so much bigger and very supportive of new bloggers. So I pulled the plug on my old art site and transferred it over to WordPress. This was relatively painless since I only had about three posts to transfer at that time. After couple of new posts under my art blog, I suddenly had followers, comments and likes- oh my! I freak’in love WordPress!

For more than a year, I competely ignored transferring my knitting blog but still continued to track my progress at the completely dead site. Well, this has been one of the most brutal winters in history so I decided it was time to transfer my old knitting blog to WordPress too. This is a win-win situation for me, using WordPress for both sites will now be so much easier with both blogs under one roof. I am currently in the process of slowly manually transferring my old blog posts to my brand spanking new wordpress site.

I have somewhere around 30-40 posts to transfer that includes re-saving and linking to photos. No one built Rome overnight- right? So to make a long-story short (too late), over the next couple of weeks you will see all my original posts begin to appear in all their glory. Do I expect anyone to pour through all my old entries? Hell no. This is a completely selfish endeavor that makes me happy to have everything together so I can look back through my own knitting journey and know that not a single word was wasted.

I look forward to posting some new knitting entries soon. In the meantime, time to go back and start uploading all the photos I re-saved from the old blog…