Flashback Friday: Art, Music and fun #art #music# ink #collage #NapervilleIL

September is that wonderful time of year that merges the warmth of summer with the promise of fall. It is the time of year where the last of the warm weather festivals take place. Around this time last year we attended Naperville’s annual art walk. It is one of my favorite festivals to attend. There is so much to se see and do. Live orchestrated music floats through the air as passerby’s comment on their favorite artwork. The weather was beautiful that day similar to to years past. I enjoyed walking the stretches along the Riverwalk seeing all the wonderful art.

To capture this event, I did something a little different for my art journal. Instead of drawing out a scene like I normally do, this time I decided I would take small photocopies of some of the favorite pieces I saw in the art guide and make a collage out of them. For the back ground I used Dylusions ink spray and my micron pen I used for the title.  Overall this was a wonderful way to capture the day and I will forever have fond memories associated with the event.

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Forgotten Flashback: A Love Letter #art #ink #love

ArtJournal044It’s Valentines Day 2015 and I can only think of one thing – how much I love my husband Chris. He is the one person that lights up my world with a single smile, the one who holds me when I am scared, the one the that can chase my darkest fears away.

This entry is a simple love letter I have wrote to him on a day that reminds me how much I am still in love with him…

Materials used: Distress Ink, Micron Pen

Forgotten Flashback: Roses from my guy! #art #markers

ArtJournal043I have the best husband! I know all the wives who have awesome husbands say this, but I really do believe it! My guy remembers dates and events even when I forget. He cooks, he is a super neat freak, passionate and sensitive. He always puts my needs before his own and he gives me flowers.

I LOVE this MAN!

So there, I said it for all the world to witness. I can’t imagine a life without him. So without further ado, I present the entry I created to help remind me how awesome my guy really is!

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Materials used: TomBow markers, Koi Water Brush, Sakura Micron Pen

Forgotten Flashback: I want to ride my bicycle #art #ink #biking

ArtJournal042This post could be considered very timely. According to our weather forecast here in the midwest this upcoming week is supposed to be gloriously in the 60’s all week. What a perfect time to talk about bicycling!

Besides being passionate about my art, my knitting and fiber spinning obsession, I am also an avid cyclist! As a part of this obsession, every now and then I feel the urge to upgrade my bicycle. After all, my old bicycle was in need of major repairs due to all the abuse I put it through.

So in February of last year my husband and I made our way to a local bicycle shop to check out what awesome bikes were currently out there. We test rode many but ultimately ended up with hybrid Bicycles from Giant. My particular model was the Liv Alight which is specifically designed for women; a feature that is a must on my shopping checklist.

Anyway, after purchasing our shiny new bikes, with hooked them up onto our car and brought them to their new home. Ahh -that new bike smell cannot be beat! Suffice to say we were very happy with our selections and have since then enjoyed many bike rides on the trails and roads. They also made their debut ride in last year’s Bike MS event appropriately titled “Tour de Farms” since the event takes place in the middle of farmland in good ol’ Illinois.

Now with spring really almost around the corner, I cannot wait to take our awesome bikes out for a spin once more.

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Forgotten Flashback: Goodby Little Sweetie Bird #art #mixedmedia #losingapet

What a sad day this was indeed. I can never fully express that sadness one feels when losing a pet. For some reason, losing our little canary was one of the hardest losses to bare.

Last winter was already bleak when we discovered that morning our little bird had passed away. For only a short day our little guy had stopped singing suddenly and began to look very sick. That same evening we discussed taking him in to be seen in the morning, but alas that was not meant to be.

In the dark hours of morning our little guy laid his head down with no more songs to sing. We spent most of the day saying good-by to our little Sweetie bird in the only way we knew how – by sharing photos and memories of our beloved pet. Here is my tribute to a pet who brought us so much music and joy:


RIP 01/28/2015


Forgotten Flashback: Jan 18th 2015 #art #ink #summer #dnartcorner

In the bleakness of a January winter all you want is to feel a summer breeze and the warmth of the sun on your face. This is how I felt last January in the midst of all that snow and cold winds that whipped around me.  Its those long winter days that make me dream of warmer weather and the wish for it to come sooner rather than later. 

On the bright side, even now as I am writing this, spring is around the corner and warmer times are just around the bend. I can almost feel it!  So let’s bring on the good cheer cause spring is almost here!

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Materials used: Derwent Inktense, Koi Water Brush,  and accidental splatter from another page 🙂

Forgotten Flashback: Jan 9th 2015 #art #dnartcorner

ArtJournal037This is not a post I take lightly. Some days just plain suck. Unfortunately this was one of them. For a while now, I have had on and off health issues with my heart. In January of last year I woke up with pains in my chest. Rather than take a risk and stay home to wait it out, we made the decision to take me to a nearby hospital to rule out a possible heart attack.

As scary as the pains were, I stayed calm and went through most of the night undergoing tests as my husband stayed by my side. Luckily, after many hours, the chest pains were not a heart attack but early stages of flu. Suffice to say I was very relieved and even grateful that it was just the flu.

I could have chosen not to record this night in my journal, but on upon further reflection, it served as a reminder that our lives are so very precious. It can be over before you know it. It also serves as a reminder that not just men, but women too can have a heart attack and any symptoms should be taken seriously.

So my advice to anyone reading this is that it is better to go in and get checked out to find out nothing is wrong rather than discover how very wrong you can be. It may just save your life one day.

Take care out there…


Forgotten Flashback: October 31st 2014

I hope you enjoy this illustration I created last year that celebrates one of my favorite holidays and pays tribute to one of my favorite films, Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Happy Halloween to all of my family, friends and followers! Trick or Treat!

Art Journal 26

Forgotten Flashbacks: Fall Color Tour, October 4th 2014

For almost every year since meeting my husband, we have ventured out to Michigan to my father-in-laws place to explore the beauty and wonder of Michigan in the fall. Fall can be the most wondrous seasons as we transition from late summer to crisp autumnal days. Last year, even though it was somewhat chilly and rainy, we ventured out as a family once again in attempt to capture the colors of fall through the lens of our cameras.

This particular year we traveled further than our usual route to hunt down the most picturesque spots. Along the way we picked up apples and donuts at Klackle Farms and then later stopped for a delicious bite to eat at an area pub. I always enjoy my time spent while enjoying the foliage during this season. Here is my unique interpretation of our colorful weekend in Michigan.

ArtJournal 20

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Forgotten Flashback: September 27th, 2014

I had not visited Fright Fest at Great America in Gurnee, IL for a number of years until grand opening weekend last year. At that time, I rediscovered how much I love visiting the park during the fall season. No heat, no bugs, just plain fun. Crisp autumn air and frights where everywhere to be found.

Greeting us at the park entrance is only of my favorite things to see; Fright Fest’s Pumpkin King in all his frightful glory as he introduces us to the haunts in the park. Little did we know that this would be the Pumpkin King’s last year at the entrance and has been since moved to the haunted ride cemetery. Other attractions include spooktacular characters that fill the park at dusk as they parade around Hometown Square looking to scare unsuspecting visitors. We even witnessed visitors asking characters to partake selfie’s. My husband and I jumped on board the selfie band wagon by asking a zombie to take a picture with us!

I absolutely love everything that Fright Fest offers. Even the rides get scary names so they too are included in the fun. Even though the park was jammed pack for opening weekend we had a blast and made plans to visit again before they closed their gates that November. Here is my tribute to a fun filled evening at the amusement park:

Art Journal 19

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Forgotten Flashback: September 20th 2014

On a rainy but warm September day my husband, niece and I ventured into the heart of Naperville to attend my niece’s first Pow-Wow hosted by the Midwest SOARRING Foundation. We saw many things that afternoon from beautiful dancing, drumming, art, story telling, and songs to hand-carved flutes., other Native American crafts and more. According to the SOARRING Foundation website, pow wows are a time to celebrate life, renew friendships, and share our Native American culture.

Both my niece and I have a shared Native American heritage that I wanted to help her celebrate and explore. This event was both fun and uplifting. We also enjoyed the plentiful food and awesome sarsaparilla sodas. It was an eventful day that I will never forget. Here my artistic remembrance of that day.

Art Journal 18

Forgotten Flashbacks: September 7th 2014

Hello readers,

ArtJournal 16This is a flashback that I didn’t get a chance to post this past Friday. This journal entry highlights the time I spent at my new-found bestie’s bridal shower. Allison (the aforementioned bestie) was in full preparation for her upcoming nuptials this time last year. As with many bride’s-to-be, an expected bridal shower is put together in honor of the bride.

I was invited to partake and join my friends at the ‘Westbrook Gardens’ which was actually her soon-to-be in-laws backyard. The day was sunny and warm made even warmer by all the friends and family that surrounded Allison and her fiance Ian. There were fun games, wonderful music and really great food. I especially loved watching them both play a game of “Nearlyweds Game” which is a spin-off of the popular 1960’s game show called the “Newlywed Game”.

Suffice to say I feel that a wonderful time was had by all and was honored to be witness to the journey of Allison and Ian on their way to their wedding day.